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Question   Haiti 2011
Loved the picture of the little girl in her Sunday finest...also the picture of you with the machette & look so threatening...NOT!

- Sandy Herman March 08, 2011

  Answer Frnalky I think that's absolutely good stuff.

- Katherine Katherine  July 15, 2011

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Question   Scenes
Your photos are capture moments of time. I have never seen anything as beautiful. As I travel through the different photos it was as if I was there. Very nice.
P.S. Thanks Dr. Huffman for sharing

- Chaplain Wilhelmenia Gilbert January 05, 2011

  Answer I can already tell that's gonna be super hlefpul.

- Torn Torn  December 03, 2011

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Question   Your Pictures
Lovely told me about your site.
Wow...wonderful pictures. I love your work :-)

- Pam Thomspon November 17, 2009

  Answer Tocuhodwn! That's a really cool way of putting it!

- Cayden Cayden  July 15, 2011

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