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I love to travel. It broadens my world and provides me with many different views.
Africa        slide show
from Botswana & Zambia

© Roberta E Wall PhotoID# 13958485: Alaska        slide show
A 2013 trip with Adventure Women. We went to bear camp on Kenai Pennisula, then a boat cruise in a river at Seward, hiking to a glacier and rafting down a scenic river.

Bermuda        slide show
a long weekend at Granaway Inn

Bhutan        slide show we all journeyed from different places for as long as 2 days, we came into Bhutan withclarity and sun to see Mt. Everest and K2 from the plane window. It was dream-like....

China        slide show
On March 14, 2016 we trekked to China for a bucket list of the Terra Cotta Warriors, The Great Wall, Forbidden City and The Yangtze River cruise. First you will will not see much of the cruise as the views were disappointing. I could have skipped this part. In addition, out of the 2oo some people the majority got very sick with respiratory illness that was debilitating. Almost all places we visited were heavily polluted in air quality. Masks were necessary but did not prevent illness for anyone. With that said, I must say my favorite parts were the Great Wall, the Terra Cotta Warriors and Shanghai.

Costa Rica        slide show
Nicoya Pennisula

DC        slide show

Eastern Europe        slide show
started by visiting Budapest, a very pretty place, then Vienna where we went to a Mozart opera, then, Prague which was way too touristy

Ecuador & Galapagos        slide show

flora        slide show

France barging        slide show

Glacier National Park        slide show
GNP did not open until July 3rd this year/ There are only 25 glaciers left and they say they will be gone in 6 years. Going to The Sun Road is beautiful but crowded

Grand Canyon        slide show

Haiti        slide show
our trip to Haiti 1 week post earthquake

Haiti II        slide show
our second medical mission to PAP in April 2010

Haiti- trip 3 in August 2010        slide show
another medical mission, 1 clinic at Hospic St. Joseph with our group-Men Anpil-2 clinics in Acra, 1 at outskirts of City Soleil, and 2 in Fond Baptiste in the mountains with Pere Desca

Haiti 2011        slide show
This was a momentous trip in February. I wanted to go for my birthday and we did. I wandered back to late afternoon clinic that day with just my translator. They brought a girl up on her motorcycle-Filomene. She was 20. Sitting on the exam table unable to breathe. I assessed her physical condition and history thru Diamson-she was 4 months post-partum.She had gone to PAP looking for work from the mountains where we were. She became pregnant by her employer who was married. I started treating her with everything I had available, which was not much, and then I realized she was dying and I could not help her. So I put my arms around her and held her hand. Joan arrived and agreed with my assessment. Her family thought she was cursed. No-one wanted her baby. She wanted me to raise the baby. After I recovered from being stunned the church lady and the priest both offered to raise her child.We gave her medicine for pain and allowed her to die with dignity. 5 hours later , that same night Filo

Haiti June 2011        slide show
on this trip to Haiti we had a more rugged trip to Fond Baptiste. The road gets worse. We met Filomen's baby being cared for by the church lady and her husband and financially helped by the priest. WE had a little boy with appendecitis which we treated as they are starting to do in some places in England-medical treatment. It does not always work, but he did get better for us. Always new situations. Now I want to build a 4 room clinic in Fond Baptiste.

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Hait November 2011        slide show

Halifax, Nova Scotia        slide show

Hawaii        slide show
Feb 2008

Italy        slide show

Jamaica        slide show

Longwood Gardens Philadelphia        slide show

monastery        slide show
I made a 5 day trip to Abbey of Gethsemani in Kentucky. It is a silent retreat where participation is brothers activities is voluntary. I went with two questions and came back with two answers.

Montana        slide show
.winter wonderland 2012 in Yellowstone National Park with Adventure Women

Montana and Wyoming 2015        slide show

Monterey Bay        slide show
This is from a trip to Asilomar and a drivw down Big Sur. The aquarium in Monterey is stunning

North Carolina        slide show

Paris        slide show
May 2003
all taken with Nikon film camera

Pittsburgh Pa        slide show

Saba        slide show
island in the Netherland Antilles with shortest commercial runway in the world

San Francisco        slide show

Santa Fe        slide show

Thailand        slide show

Viet Nam & Cambodia        slide show
On October 10, 2010, we boarded our plane to fly over 20 hours to our destination, Hanoi-Viet Nam. Over the next 2 1/2 weeks we would explore the North and South and as our guide said "practice for Cambodia." It is the hottest place I have ever been. Our journey brought mixed emotions. After Bhutan, the Buddhism seemed almost sacriligious after the solemnity and peace of our experience in Bhutan. Also I wondered being of my age , how I would feel since I had 2 acquaintances from growing up that were killed in The "American War". I had no conception of Cambodia except what I read about Polpot. Viet Nam was more diverse that I expected, urban and beautiful pastoral settings along the way. Some of our experiences like riding a moving chair on an oz cart being pulled by a water buffalo who consistently whacked me with his tail in pouring rain, I will never forget. So come along with us and view what was a beautiful and unique trip.

reunion        slide show
just a few photos from my HS reunion


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